Handpicked for You is excited to announce the class of 2018 plant selections receiving the distinguished Handpicked for You certification. This certification follows a rigorous selection process involving extensive trials at regional independent grower locations and evaluations by partner independent garden centers. This unique collaboration between growers and retailers ensures plants are evaluated not only at regional locations but also at the local level; the IGC partners understand the unique requirements for garden success in their geographic area and their feedback is a critical part of the evaluation.

The newly certified plants join 60+ tried and true plants as certified Handpicked for You. All Handpicked for You plants must meet or exceed expectations on 10 core performance criteria designed to assess their garden performance, disease resistance, whether they are an improvement over existing plant selections, and more.

The class of 2018 Handpicked for You certified plants includes:

The Handpicked for You trustmark was developed and is managed by SynRG, LLC. SynRG is a collaboration of plant breeders, growers and independent garden center retailers, working together to identify and introduce the best, tested and most trusted new plants to the industry.

There are five founding growers for SynRG — Overdevest Nurseries, Prides Corner Farms, Saunders Brothers, Sheridan Nurseries and Willoway Nurseries. Interested retailers should contact their sales representative at one of the founding growers for details and availability.

More information on Handpicked for You, including a retailer directory and details on all certified plants can be found at www.handpickedplants.com.