Unmatched Quality.

What does “quality” mean when it comes to plants?  The reality is much more than what first meets the eye.  Proper branching, hearty soils, well-developed root systems, and plant health are all factors that impact your long-term planting success.  Our nurturing attention to detail from day one results in beautifully vibrant plants that will perform better in your outdoor spaces.

1. More Branches

We start building the shape of our plants right from the start. We trim our plants more than the industry standard – sometimes 5 times in a given year. Simply put…more pruning = more branches = more flowers. A perfectly timed trimming schedule results in sturdier, fuller plants – plants that won’t flop. This extra effort sets the stage for you to achieve success with minimal pruning care after planting.


2. Better Soil

Our potting soil incorporates natural and renewable pine bark fibers that come to us as a local by-product of the paper industry. We tailor our custom blended mixes for each type of plant in order to create the ideal environment for root development. We incorporate environmentally friendly slow-release fertilizers that provide a continuing supply of nutrients tailored to each plant’s need – without excess.


3. Happy & Healthy 🙂

We go to great lengths to make sure our plants are happy and healthy – disease and pest free. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have adopted an integrated pest management approach that leverages regular crop scouting, beneficial insects, and natural pest-deterrents to minimize the use of agri-chemicals. To avoid resistance, we rotate the components in our control program. We do not use neonicotinoids on our crops.


4. Stronger Roots

Just like our history, our plant roots run deep. Knock one of our plants out of its pot and you will find a web of healthy roots. In addition to our customized soil blends, we tailor our watering to each plant’s preference. We do this on a replenishment basis to encourage the development of a deep root system. Why do roots matter? A healthy, fuller root system will result in greater transplanting success, higher stress tolerance, and better overwintering outcomes.