Garden Splendor®

The Garden Splendor® plant collection is all about helping you discover beautiful plants and achieve success in your planting efforts.

This cultivated collection of 500+ varieties of ornamental trees, evergreen shrubs, flowering shrubs, herbaceous perennials, and ornamental grasses represents the “best of the tried and true and the most promising of the exciting and new”.

So whether you are new to the plant world or a seasoned enthusiast, the Garden Splendor® collection has the ability to enhance your home environment, enrich your lifestyle, and let you enjoy the pleasures of nature!

Keepsake Plant Marker

Plant names can be confounding – even for us! Each plant in the Garden Splendor® collection comes with a durable, aluminum plant marker to help you identify you plants for season to come.

Here to Help.

David is our resident plant expert. His passion for plants dates back to his childhood in Ireland.

Nowadays, he taps into his deep horticultural knowledge and practical experience to help YOU be successful in your planting efforts. Think of him as your guide to the plant world. His self-produced information and how-to videos have nearly 2 million views on YouTube — all liberally sprinkled (of course) with his Irish blarney!

Partnering for Your Success

The Garden Splendor® collection is available through a network of family-owned local garden centers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions of the United States. These local garden centers share our ideals of quality, dedication, and service.