Nothing beats seeing the gorgeous, colorful and stunning Grown By Overdevest plants in person –
first in your local garden center and then in your garden.

We make a feeble attempt at using pictures and videos on this website to capture a small 2D view
of what you can expect by Grown By Overdevest plants.

However, we are most humbled by the words that people use to share their joy of making
Grown By Overdevest plants part of their family.

I bought this (Anemone 'Wild Swan' - Japanese Anemone) last year, absolutely love it!
Petra C.
One of the most rewarding things about our job is sharing some of the pleasure we get out of growing and telling people about garden gems like this. So, hearing that you "love it" too, is great to hear. Just remember, it likes a cool, moist (not wet) root run, so mulch it this spring to help the soil around it remain moist and cool and it should grow out to be even fuller and better.
David Wilson
I'm enjoying all your videos on plants and gardening. They're so informative and they have introduced me to several new plants that I now have on my wish list.
Jean L.
I just planted some salvia last week and I’m thrilled with how much they’ve come on already. I appreciate the tip on how to trim them. Thank you.
Elaine M.
Great, you are in for a treat! It is a superb (Hand Picked For You® Certified) variety that you are going to enjoy.

In this hot weather don’t forget to water them regularly (about 3 times a week, depending upon the weather and the drainage of your site) and after you plant it, put down a 2-3” layer of mulch that will help to keep the soil moist and cooler.

When watering fill up the little reservoir and let it soak in (rather than spraying water over the leaves), and at the same time be careful not to over do it. Buddleias do not like to be too wet.

Once established, they are remarkably drought tolerant, so you just have to "nurse" them until they get fully rooted in”.
David Wilson

I just bought 3 of the Buddleia Monarch® 'Prince Charming' (Butterfly Bush) . Wish me luck!
This is exactly what I've been looking for! Most other videos insist Cytisus Burkwoodii (Hybrid Broom) only has yellow flowers and lots of videos talk about controlling it. Your video cleared the issue up for me, filled in lots of blanks, and gave me that reassuring clarification on the right pruning method that I was looking for. Great video! Thanks!
Joanna K.
So excited you guys are selling these (Hydrangea Everlasting® Revolution) Magical Series Hydrangeas in US now. I've seen them in other markets for a while, but not in US until last year. (Maybe just a late introduction in my area). I want so many of your hydrangea varieties!!!

Salvias, such as the Salvia 'Caradonna' (Meadow Sage), are some of my favorite plants! Thank you for the trimming tip for the flowers. One quick question: what kind of lavenders are the ones to the right of the salvias? I'm looking for a lavender to grow as well, but I'd like to find one that isn't too tall or wide because I might want to keep it in a pot.
Elaine M.
We are delighted to hear you found the trimming tip useful. It works really well and is definitely is worth doing. To answer your question..... the lavenders to the right of Salvia Caradonna are "English Lavenders" and the one you astutely noticed is Lavandula 'Imperial Gem". A variety that is destined to become much more widely grown once people get to know about it.

It will be available at a host of leading garden centers across our region in the spring, and if you consult the locator link in the Top Menu of this page you will be able to find all the places that have access to it.
David Wilson
I just planted some Salvia 'Caradonna' (Meadow Sage) last week and I’m thrilled with how much they’ve come on already. I appreciate the tip on how to trim them. Thank you.
Elaine M.
I just got Actaea 'Chocoholic' (Bugbane) today. I like the color and texture. I have it next to my hakone grass. I have it fit into a part shade garden.
Carrie L.
Thank you for pointing this out!

We tend to get mesmerized by the enormous, tropical looking flowers and wonderful summer foliage, so it is nice to be reminded of its Fall foliage color and the way it brings this extra dimension to our home landscapes.
David Wilson

I have one of these Hibiscus 'Perfect Storm' (Rose Mallow), and not only does it have gorgeous flowers, but the fall color here in Pennsylvania was STUNNING! Glowing electric orange and purple!
Simply the best out there today. Overdevest. Love your Hydrangea Little Lime®.
Brittany G.
I'm enjoying all your videos, such as the Hydrangea Forever & Ever® Pistachio. They're so informative and they have introduced me to several new plants that I now have on my wish list.
Jean L.

The Internet suggests that gaillardia is a short-living plant, meaning it lasts for one - two years and then dies. What is a life span of this Gaillardia 'Fanfare Blaze' (Blanket Flower)? Also, when does it bloom?
It is true, gaillardias tend to be on the short-lived side (compared to many other perennials), but making sure they are in WELL-DRAINED soil and in sunny sites will extend their life span. Also, growing gaillardias on the "lean" side (not too rich with higher levels of fertilizer) seems to toughen them up and keep them going longer. An occasional trim in mid-summer freshens and revitalizes gaillardias too, and extends the flowering period which, with us, starts around early summer and goes through in spurts to the early autumn.
David Wilson
For us, the old saying "the proof is in the pudding" is very true, which is why we like to extensively trial our plants here in our region before we put them into production.

For us disease resistance is very important (most of us today prefer not to have to spray our roses), so in our trials we pay particular importance to this, so as you've probably noted in the video, this variety has performed well in this regard. This was further borne out by the recent announcement from Biltmore Rose Trials where it was awarded the 2020 Lord Burleigh Award for Best Disease Resistance.

According to the introducer Star® Roses and Plants, it is hardy to USDA Zone 5 and suitable for growing "Nationwide", so in theory it should be OK with you but beyond that we just don't know!

You might be interested to know that we have lots of new, cutting edge plants (including roses) under trial all the time, so I would encourage you to stay tuned, and perhaps keep checking with your local garden centers, because they are always a tremendously valuable local resource.
David Wilson

I loved the video presentation of the Rosa 'Whipped Cream' (Floribunda Rose) and my only hope is that this rose will grow and survive in zone 5. Will this stunning rose perform well and survive in my garden?
Dora B.

Thanks for sharing. This Aruncus 'Misty Lace' (Goatsbeard) is on my list this year, very ethereal looking.
Joanna B.
Great! So glad to hear you spotted it.... and like it too!

It is definitely one of those plants that deserves to be much more widely grown, known about and appreciated. Since it is such a choice "connoisseur" plant, you might have to ask around to seek it out, so use the Retail Locator in the Top Menu to help you find garden centers in our region that carry our plants.

This is a classy, hardy perennial that takes shade, doesn’t grow too big & deer don’t eat it! Most people don't even know about it yet! So it may take a bit of searching, but once you get it, I think you will really enjoy having it.
David Wilson